Metro's philosophy is that framing should ENHANCE, PROTECT, and PRESERVE. With unique ideas and attention to detail, we design framing that fits each piece like a glove. Check out our GREAT FRAMES to see some of our favorite projects.



Our bread and butter is custom art framing, expertly designed and skillfully crafted using the finest archival framing materials, cutting edge technology, and a wide selection of frames. We specialize in creative, colorful and contemporary framing for original artwork, fine art prints, posters, photographs, memorabilia and anything else that comes through our doors.

We are eager and ready to work with you to design the perfect framing package. Bring your project by any day of the week for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic EXPERT FRAMERS. 

In the gallery, you will find exquisite original artwork presented in rotating solo and group exhibitions. 

We look forward to being your trusted local framers!

- Melanie, Emily, Adrienne and Lucy (the greyhound)